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  1. Cisco Unveils 400G Switching More Bandwidth, More Features…

    Bandwidth and scale. These are two of the biggest challenges facing data center customers today. How can they support data-hungry apps like streaming video, or apps that use artificial intelligence and machine learning? And how can they keep growing their networks, without having to replace them every time? To meet the need for bandwidth and scale, Cisco is launching new 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) switches that will give customers an edge.

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  2. Why Google and Facebook Should Be Treated Like Banks

    For hundreds of years, banks have paid us interest in return for holding our money and extracting profits from it. In the process, they became the richest institutions in the world.

    Now companies like Google and Facebook have become the world's richest institutions -- by extracting profits from our data rather than our money. But, this time we are getting zero interest in return.

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  3. Would you care if this Post had been written by a robot?

    Would you care if a story you read in a newspaper or online was "written" by a machine rather than a stressed-out hack? Would you even be able to tell the difference? Welcome to the world of "robo journalism" - and it's coming faster than you think.

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