One-part science. One-part art.
That’s the key to effective IT design services. At Supplity, we start your systems design project by answering three fundamental questions:

  1. How can we design a system that gives your company instant access to the information and resources it needs – whenever and wherever it needs them?
  2. How can we deliver a system that works the way you work – and has the flexibility to change with you rather than work against you?
  3. How can we guarantee the integrity, stability and security of your system to give you the peace of mind that allows you to focus on your business?

From the supply of IT equipment, to delivery and installation, from local area networks to getting PCs ready for the in-ternet, from cabling to on-site training, SUPPLITY is able to supply a full spectrum of networking and installation services. We do not outsource our services and have an established reputation for per-sonal, specialist in-house expertise.

Network security is the process of protecting your entire network from simple to highly complicated attacks.
At Supplity, one of our main critical missions is to keep our selves updated with the latest protection techniques and the latest attacks as well.
Starting from endpoint security solutions to Malware protection solutions, passing through Threat management and gate-way protection solutions.

At Supplity, we can assess your implementation and provide you with the maximum robust security protection systems including IPS and IDS systems.
By implementing internal security practices with the co-operation with our technology partners, we can reach the level of protecting your single storage entity (The File) from being opened outside you premises.

Your data is the most valuable asset in your organization, we at Supplity meant by providing you with the most robust solution that guarantee 99.9999% up time.
To reach such availability percentage, Supplity uses the most reliable and redundant storage solutions which could be tailored based on your needs.
Using a backup solution is mandatory in the current IT infrastructure solutions, Supplity can propose the most flexible and reliable Backup solution, and can provide you with a backup and recovery plan made especially to fit your business needs and your organization regulations.

Detecting your network security threats, is a crucial issue to be able to how the hacker will attack you.
At Supplity, we have a well trained and experienced team of CEH’s (Certified Ethical Hackers), who will be willing to perform a penetration testing over your network environment.

Virtualization has become a critically important focus of the IT world in recent years. Virtualization technologies are used by countless thousands of companies to consolidate their workloads and to make their IT environments scalable and more flexible.
At Supplity, we have pushed our team to specialize in the virtualization technologies to provide the following virtualization services:

  1. Network Virtualization
  2. Server virtualization
  3. Storage virtualization
  4. Application virtualization
  5. Desktop virtualization
  6. Data virtualization

Traditional Data centers are meant to support mainly mission critical workloads, such as key functional applications.
At Supplity we are proud to put our experience of designing building and running data centers between your hands.
Our technical team is ready to build your data center based on the highest international standards reaching up to tier 4 data centers based on the TIA-942 project standards definitions.

Provoking your clients or employees with wireless connectivity has become an essential service in your network infrastructure.
Taking into consideration the coverage and security concerns, today’s technology requires that supporting BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a very crucial issue to any network administrator.
We at Supplity, can provide you with the most Robust and Secured wireless technology, supporting all kind of wireless techniques starting from centralized management of you access point ending with providing roaming support for your wireless clients.

At Supplity we tailor support contracts to organizations needs and supply a free initial assessment. Our experience with community organizations, small businesses and in-house training means that we can provide specialized, easy to understand support services, as well as technically comprehensive support for those with a high degree IT literacy.