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Can Blockchain & Verifiable Claims Eliminate the Next Equifax-Level Breach?

Most breaches start with compromised identity and compromising identity is much easier with free-flowing Personally Identifiable Information (PII). So, could breaches supported by access to sensitive PII be reduced by a foundational shift from monolithic database storage to an infrastructure … Readmore

Five predictions for the future of contactless payment :

Adoption of contactless payment has been slow, but the worldwide pandemic is providing additional motivation for it to become standard. Anticipation is sweet, but instant gratification is tastier. Anyone who has used contactless payment knows this because tech streamlines your … Readmore

2020 ransomware attacks still mostly through unsecured RDP:

In Q1 2020, ransomware attacks focused on large companies through unsecured RDP. Pandemic or no, the healthcare sector was still a major target. In April 2020, the operators of the Shade ransomware shut down their operations, released over 750,000 decryption keys, and … Readmore

How to attract young techies to older industries?

Want to attract and retain younger talent for IT positions? Think in terms of corporate purpose, culture, and professional development. Experts explain how to retool older hiring and retention programs. Finding, hiring, and retaining technology talent is difficult, but if … Readmore

Diversity in risk-taking: Why every voice matters

Innovation doesn’t happen without risk. But if leaders aren’t paying close attention, biases based on race, gender, and other identity factors can adversely affect risk tolerance among both workers and those calling the shots. Any time leaders presume everyone thinks … Readmore

Circular economy helps IT build toward sustainability

Applying the circular economy method is likely the right choice for your business—assuming you want to save money and help the planet. It involves developing IT consumption processes that reflect on corporate ethics and responsibility and enable a more sustainable … Readmore

Get better, simpler networking with Network-as-a-Service

Responding to changing business requirements more effectively plus freeing up resources to innovate and experiment are some of the key drivers of the as-a-Service model adoption. Networking traditionally consists of on-premises hardware run by a company’s technicians using specialist software. … Readmore

Rapid shift to working from home creates new IT challenges:

Employees are now connecting from home. Here’s a short, but important list of IT issues—from security to bandwidth—that you may encounter while keeping teams connected and productive in this uncharted territory. Working from home is not at all a new … Readmore