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5 types of server virtualization explained

May 26, 2021
Hypervisor-based might be the most common form of server virtualization in organizations, but there are other options ...
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Vivotek Crowd Detection

May 23, 2021
VIVOTEK Smart VCA is the next-generation video analytics suite running on VIVOTEK cameras for security applications....
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Higher Capacities, Lower TCO & Improved QoS

May 23, 2021
Zoned Storage is an open, standards-based initiative to enable data centres to scale efficiently for the zetta...
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Learn More About Firewall Software

May 15, 2021
Firewalls are a key aspect of network security. Firewall solutions are implemented to dictate incoming and outgoing ...
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The 4 different types of wireless networks

May 14, 2021
There are four types of wireless networks -- wireless local area networks, wireless metropolitan area networks, wirele...
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HPE Decides Time Has Come For HPE Storage To Go Full Cloud-Native In Delivering Cloud Data Services

May 10, 2021
Did you know that only one percent of cold calls even lead to an appointment, according to a popularly cited study by Ba...
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Dell Technologies Unlocks Value of Data at the Edge

May 08, 2021
Dell Technologies (NYSE:DELL) is unveiling solutions and partnerships designed to extract more value f...
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Apps and data today exist in multiple clouds in a hybrid reality.

May 07, 2021
Organizations are increasingly on a path to evolve their edge-to-hybrid cloud IT estate. Driving this trend are new ...
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Hewlett Packard Enterprise expands HPE GreenLake with breakthrough storage as-a-service business transformation

May 04, 2021
HPE today announced innovations that transform HPE Storage into a cloud-native, software-defined data services bu...
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HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module

April 29, 2021
Do you need flexible storage resources in your HPE Synergy 12000 Frame? The HPE Synergy D3940 Storage Module provides a ...
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The future of work, phase two: what to expect

April 12, 2021
We are at a unique point in time where we have proven that technology can help us achieve virtually anything,”...
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HPE is reinventing storage !

April 05, 2021
Did you know that only one percent of cold calls even lead to an appointment, according to a popularly cited study by Ba...
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Cisco and AMD Help Businesses Improve Performance, Security and Hybrid Cloud Operations

March 15, 2021
With 55 percent of all enterprise on-premises applications deployed on private clouds and expectations this numb...
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Huawei Rack Servers Rank Third in Global Shipments

June 09, 2020
New technology—such as AI, IoT, 5G, and bioengineering—is changing every facet of human society. It is dri...
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Elon Musk Want to Put Sensors in Human Brains Next Year

July 19, 2019
While we waited for Neuralink to present the progress it's made over the last couple of years in bra...
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Sophos XG Firewall

June 19, 2019
The world's best visibility, protection, and response. Sophos XG Firewall brings a fresh new approach to the way you ...
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HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen10 review

June 13, 2019
HPE's ProLiant DL380 has consistently been at the top of the best seller list - and with good reason, as this is its mos...
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Top 5 Reasons You Need EDR

June 12, 2019
Endpoint detection and response (EDR) tools are built to supplement endpoint security with increased detection, inves...
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HPE launches new campaign with Fast Forward to help accelerate the social impact of nonprofits

June 09, 2019
One of the key components to our culture at HPE is social responsibility. It’s a heavy word, and rightfully ...
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How can the On-device artificial intelligence (AI) boosts performance?

May 25, 2019
If artificial intelligence (AI) goes according to plan, we’ll barely notice it taking hold. As a result, and despi...
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4 Lessons That You as an Entrepreneurs Has to Learn the Hard Way

May 17, 2019
The path to building a successful business is rarely a simple one. But in the beginning, it seems simple enough: you&rs...
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Predictions for 2019: Cybersecurity skills shortages are getting worse

May 14, 2019
Where will this year’s big cyber security storm come from? What issues are currently keeping information securit...
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Choosing the Best Data Storage Solution

May 11, 2019
Sooner or later, your small business will need more space for data storage. Information in the form of e-mails, document...
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Intercept X Advanced with EDR

May 05, 2019
Intelligent Endpoint Detection and Response Sophos Intercept X Advanced with EDR integrates intelligent endpoint detecti...
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HP Spectre Folio Laptop Review

December 27, 2018
  Recently Techradar has reviewed “HP Spectre Folio” laptop, in their review they tried to clarify and...
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STH reviews HPE DL20 Gen10

November 17, 2018
In a recent blog has reviewed HPE DL20 Gen10 server. The review covered the ins and outs of the server,...
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Cisco Unveils 400G Switching More Bandwidth, More Features…

November 06, 2018
Bandwidth and scale. These are two of the biggest challenges facing data center customers today. How can they support da...
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10K $ For Hacking HP's Industry Printers!

October 27, 2018
HP Inc. announced the industry’s first print security bug bounty program, underscoring its commitment to deliver t...
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Cisco ASR 9000 Reloaded For Mass Scale Networking

October 02, 2018
The wide-spread adoption of the Internet is simply phenomenal. 2018 marks the year where the number of Internet users ha...
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Cisco Unveils Server for Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

September 26, 2018
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are opening up new ways for enterprises to solve complex problems...
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