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  1. Technivision Advantages as an HPE partner

    Technivision FZE - Leading IT Solutions Provider

    Technivision FZE is a leading IT solutions provider in the UAE, partnering with HPE and Aruba.

    They offer a wide range of hardware, software, and services covering servers, storage, networking, security, and more. Technivision is a trusted partner for businesses seeking to optimize their operations and achieve transformative results.

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  2. Revolutionizing IT Infrastructure: A Comprehensive Guide to Online Server Rack Solutions

    Technivision FZE - IT Solutions

    Technivision FZE: Your Leading IT Partner

    A premier partner for HPE and Aruba in the UAE and Saudi Arabia, Technivision FZE delivers cutting-edge IT solutions with a commitment to excellence.

    Specializing in HPE Servers

    Technivision FZE focuses on HPE servers, such as the PowerEdge R640 and R7425 models, ensuring businesses access scalable, energy-efficient, and technologically advanced server solutions.

    Optimizing Server Rack Infrastructure

    With a dedicated emphasis on server rack optimization and comprehensive services, Technivision FZE stands as a trusted choice for organizations looking to elevate their IT infrastructure in today's dynamic digital landscape.

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  3. Unveiling the Potential: HPE GreenLake for SMBs in Saudi Arabia and UAE, Powered by Technivision

    Article Summary

    Summary: Unveiling the Potential of HPE GreenLake for SMBs

    Explore the effectiveness and applicability of HPE GreenLake for Small and Medium-sized Businesses (SMBs) in Saudi Arabia and the UAE. The discussion highlights the advantages, economic landscape, challenges, and the role of Technivision FZE in empowering GreenLake solutions.

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    1. Understanding HPE GreenLake:

    HPE GreenLake represents a shift from traditional IT procurement, providing a pay-as-you-go model for various infrastructure and workload solutions. Learn more about its advantages for SMBs and the economic landscape in Saudi Arabia and UAE.

    2. Economic Landscape in Saudi Arabia and UAE:

    Both Saudi Arabia and the UAE are witnessing increased tech adoption among SMBs. Discover how HPE GreenLake aligns with resource optimization goals.

    3. Technivision FZE: Empowering GreenLake Solutions:

    Technivision FZE plays a crucial role in delivering HPE GreenLake solutions to businesses in UAE and Saudi Arabia. Explore the strategic partnership and customize solutions for SMBs.

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  4. Some of the most common workloads the companies run are listed below

    Some of the most common workloads the companies run are listed below
    HPE Workload-Optimized Compute Solutions for Mid-Sized Companies
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  5. The future is in the cloud─and the cloud is in a colocation

    Enterprises worldwide are moving their data center operations to colocation providers, reshaping enterprise computing and the future of the Internet

    Enterprises worldwide are moving their data center operations to colocation providers, reshaping enterprise computing and the future of the Internet


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  6. Cisco Unveils 400G Switching More Bandwidth, More Features…

    Cisco Unveils 400G Switching More Bandwidth, More Features…

    Bandwidth and scale. These are two of the biggest challenges facing data center customers today. How can they support data-hungry apps like streaming video, or apps that use artificial intelligence and machine learning? And how can they keep growing their networks, without having to replace them every time? To meet the need for bandwidth and scale, Cisco is launching new 400 Gigabit Ethernet (400G) switches that will give customers an edge.

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  7. Zero Client CD7722/24

    The Security of ClearCube Zero Clients + Multiple Protocol Support. Featuring Secure, Non-Removable AMD® GX-215JJ Dual-Core Embedded SoC

    When you have customers looking for VDI End Points and they want the security of a Zero Client but need the versatility of a Thin Client, the ClearCube CD7022/24 is the answer

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  8. Next-Gen Firewall Buyer's Guide

    sophos xstream protection


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    Aruba Switches




    The Aruba 2930F Switch Series is designed for customers creating smart digital workplaces that are optimized for mobile users with an integrated wired and wireless approach. These convenient Layer 3 network switches include built-in uplinks and PoE power and are simple to deploy and manage with advanced security and network management tools like Aruba ClearPass Policy Manager, Aruba AirWave and cloud-based Aruba Central.

    A powerful Aruba ProVision ASIC delivers performance, robust feature support and value with programmability for the latest applications. Stacking with Virtual Switching Framework (VSF) provides simplicity and scalability. The 2930F supports built-in

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  10. Protect Cloud Data and Shared Storage

    Protect Cloud Data and Shared Storage

    Protect Cloud Data and Shared Storage

    Your data is everywhere, stored in a variety of SaaS applications and cloud-storage services. Gain visibility over where it's located and get the tools to keep it safe.


    Cloud Storage: Sophos Cloud Optix automatically detects shared storage and database resources, assessing security posture and configurations to cut your risk of a data breach. SaaS Apps: Sophos XG Firewall identifies shadow IT in the cloud, alerting you to undesirable and unauthorized behavior and providing controls to manage it all. Anti-ransomware: Intercept X for Server protection for virtual machines stops ransomware by intercepting its behavior while rolling back encrypted files and cleaning malicious code.

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